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Top 5 Must-Have CrossFit Training Gears

CrossFit is absolutely no frills training. You need appropriate accessories and CrossFit wears to make sure you are doing burpees, push-ups and wall balls without getting hurt. For CrossFit trainers, some basic gears are essential to avoid serious injuries. Having right set of gear in your bag can improve your performance significantly. The following are the top 5 gears that every CrossFit trainer must have in their gym bag.

Knee sleeves:

CrossFit Knee sleeves

This gear is very important when performing heavy weightlifting. The knee sleeve supports your knee joint compression and provides relief from pain when applying pressure. Apart from providing warmth, it also improves the co-ordination. Knee sleeves can be elastic or non-elastic. Elastic sleeves can be stretched and can be easily worn under your shorts, while you need to tie the non-elastic sleeves on your knee for support.

CrossFit Gloves:

CrossFit Gloves

CrossFit workouts are tough and can be merciless on your hands. Regular exercises can lead to blisters and tears on your hands. When you wear CrossFit weightlifting gloves, you can protect your hands from ripping. The weightlifting gloves come with integrated wrist support and are designed to maximize the overall performance of the athlete.

If you are a women and are into CrossFit exercises, then obviously you need something that is comfortable for you to wear while working out. The CrossFit Gloves for women at StrongerRX are designed keeping women athlete’s comfort and protection in mind. Their ergonomic design protects hands from possible abrasions and tears during heavy WOD. The anti vibration technology reduces the fatigue of hands during the high friction movements.

Lifting Shoes:

Shoes are a must for every workout. Buy shoes that are specially manufactured for the Cross Fitters. These shoes are designed to keep you balanced on your feet when you are moving quickly. If you are into weightlifting or Olympic lifts, go for weightlifting shoes. These shoes are great for ankle flexibility.

Speed rope:

Regular speed ropes do not work for CrossFit training. You need speed ropes specially tailored for quick spin with little force. But you need to be very careful when using speed rope. If you miss a jump, you sure are going to get a bad bruise. Your best option would be a rubber coated wire with a ball bearing swivel.

Wrist Wraps:

CrossFit Wrist Wraps

CrossFit Wrist wraps support your wrists when you are doing overhead squats, snatches and thrusters. They also help you with good grip while lifting heavy weights like dead lifts.


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